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Design your own template for lesson planning

1. Think about the designs that might help you to teach the standards in your subject area(s). If you teach high school, you may want to keep a week of lessons for a single class on one page. If you teach elementary school, you may want all the lessons for a day on a single page, or you may want to be able to look across a week in a subject area.

2. Find out what your principal expects you to include in your plans. If your principal wants you to cite your state's curriculum framework for each lesson, you may find it easier to produce plans on the computer so you can cut-and-paste language from the electronic document.

3. Think about the major routines of your day. Writing these into your template not only helps to remind you but provides a head start when creating plans for a substitute. For instance you may write into your template your routines for morning work, checking homework or reading aloud .

4. Choose the headings for each lesson that best match the structure of how you teach. For instance, a composition class might have: Mini-lesson, Writing, Sharing and Wrap-up; while a literature class might have Discussion, Group work, and Assignment.

5. Think about what other information you need to have for each lesson to ensure you teach it well. Here are some that teachers have found useful. Remember that you can choose different headings for each subject area or prep you teach.

Sample high school template

Sample elementary school templates

Examples of headings