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Example: Year-long plan

In Step 3, you will pull all your ideas together to design a year-long plan. You will now re-order the content listed on your Broad learning goals chart to reflect the chronological order (by week) that makes the most sense in each subject matter, keeping in mind the overall theme, concept, Big Idea or central question that will organize your curriculum.

For example, if you were working with the third-grade example of the Broad learning goals chart, you might decide to organize your teaching of all four subject matters over several weeks around the science content of matter and energy, and waves and vibrations.

  • By designing a thematic unit around the theme of Space Exploration, you could follow current events regarding NASA's latest projects in space.
  • Your literacy word study and choice of narrative and informational texts could fit with the space exploration theme.
  • Students could learn to use graphs to make sense of scientific data.
  • In social studies, the class could explore how the Federal Government established and is involved in NASA's activities and engage in debate about the next priorities for the space program.

Partial example of a year-long plan: First marking period, 3rd grade

Overarching theme: Space Exploration (matter and energy, waves and vibrations)

Key skill areas: word study, working with informational texts, graphing

  Literacy Math Science Social studies
Week 1 Read Why the Sun and the Moon are in the Sky and discuss why people have always been fascinated by space and how folktales reflect our enduring questions Introductory graphing lessons
Introduce unit by visiting NASA's Astronaut Flight Lounge
Investigate how old the space program is and how it was founded; take notes on key ideas for timeline
Week 2 Introduce key vocabulary words and create science word wall Make space shuttle mission timeline; graph number of people involved in each mission and dollars spent What does matter and energy have to do with space travel? Do science lab on 'energy' Investigate d ifferent branches of government and who is involved in funding the program; read about space shuttle missions and level of funding
Week 3        
Week 4        
Week 5