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Tool: Exploring a unit's content expectations

Along with developing an understanding of "the Big Picture" for a particular unit, it is important to become familiar with the content expectations and the types of thinking, skills and capacities required of students. Although a certain amount of recall is necessary in learning, today's educators value learning that emphasizes higher-order thinking. Once you become more familiar with the content expectations you are working with, you will be in a better position to think about the relative emphasis on various types of learning across your unit.

  • Do the content strands or grade level content expectations seem to emphasize lower or higher level thinking?
  • What kinds of activities will you need to plan in order to support your students' learning in all these areas?
  • What kinds of activities does it make sense to emphasize?
Subject: Unit:
Begin with a content strand or or Grade Level Content Expectation included in your unit overview (one content area or cross-content area), and work to the right.

What do students need to remember--recall, recite--to meet this standard?

(Bloom’s recall and comprehend, Stein & company's low mental challenge)

What do students need to do--read, solve, create--to meet this standard?

(Bloom's apply, Stein & company's medium mental challenge)

What do students need to understand--make connections, give reasons--to meet this standard?

(Bloom’s analyze, synthesize, evaluate, Stein & company's high mental challenge)

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