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Professional development funds available to districts through formula grants and IDEA 

Title I, Part A . The Title I, Part A program is designed to help disadvantaged students meet high academic standards by participating in either a school wide or a targeted assistance program. School wide programs are implemented in high-poverty schools following a year of planning with external technical assistance and use Title I funds to upgrade the entire educational program of the school. Targeted assistance programs provide supplementary instruction to students who are failing or most at risk of failing to meet the district's core academic curriculum standards. School-based decision-making, professional development, and parent involvement are important components of each district's Title I, Part A program. Title I funds may be used for professional development for all instructional staff who work with participating students; the focus of the professional development activities must be on improving the ability of the staff to ensure that all students meet the core academic standards. Title I schools that are identified for improvement must develop and implement improvement plans and must spend at least 10 percent of their Title I allocations on professional development to support those plans.

Title II, Part A . The Title II, Part A program provides funds to help school districts recruit, train and retain highly qualified staff, as well as recruit and hire teachers to provide supplementary instruction to students with special needs. Title II, Part A funds may also be used to reduce class size, particularly in the early grades. Professional development activities funded by Title II, Part A must be based on an assessment of staff needs in relation to the core academic standards and must be designed to help staff ensure that all students meet these standards.

Title II, Part D . The Title II, Part D program provides funds to support the integration of educational technology into classrooms to improve teaching and learning. At least 25 percent of each district's Title II, Part D formula grant funds must be used for professional development to support the integration of technology into curricula and instruction and the use of technology to create new learning environments.

Title III, Part A . The Title III, Part A program is designed to assure that limited English proficient students attain English language proficiency, achieve in the core academic subjects, and meet the core academic standards.  It also provides immigrant students with high quality instruction to meet these standards and assists the transition of immigrant children and youth into American society. Title III, Part A funds may be used for professional development designed to improve the instruction and assessment of limited English proficient students.

Title V, Part A . The Title V, Part A program is designed to support local innovation and reform by providing supplementary funds to be used for a wide variety of activities, including professional development activities carried out in accordance with Title II, Part A.

  • Technology related to school-based reform programs, including professional development on the effective use of technology;
  • Instructional materials and computer hardware and software used to improve student achievement as part of an overall reform program;
  • Promising education reform projects, including effective schools and magnet schools;
  • Programs to improve the higher order thinking skills of disadvantaged students and to prevent them from dropping out of school;
  • Programs to combat illiteracy in the student and adult population;
  • Programs to provide for the educational needs of gifted and talented children;
  • School reform activities consistent with the Goals 2000: Educate America Act; and
  • School improvement programs or activities in schools identified for Title I school improvement.
  • The legislation requires consultation with parents, teachers and school administrators regarding the use of each district's Title V funds.


Professional Development funds for Special Education Personnel are available through federal flow-through. The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) has recently been re-authorized and guidance to the field regarding the use of federal funds is undergoing a revision. Until new guidance is disseminated, please contact your local or Intermediate School District Special Education Director for more information.